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We’re always interested in what’s going on in the worlds of fundraising events and corporate social responsibility and are now accepting guest blog post submissions. We would love to share your insights and thoughts with the rest of our community.

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‘Tis the Season for Goodness


BiddingForGood Holiday ShoppingThere’s so much happening in the space in which we operate everyday that it’s hard to keep up. This gave us an idea for a new blog series. Starting this week we’ll begin a wrap-up of some of the week’s most interesting news about charitable commerce, philanthropy, education, non-profits and more. We’ll give you our take and ask you what you think. Let’s dig right in.

Immediately after Halloween, Christmas songs and décor arrived in stores, seemingly everywhere. But one place you won’t be hearing or seeing any premature carols or ornaments is the popular luxury department store Nordstrom. This is because they have decided to take things “One Holiday at a Time.” reports on Nordstrom’s policy of not celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We at Bidding For Good applaud Nordstrom for what seems to be a message about the over-commercialization of the holidays. The way we see it, there are many ways to celebrate:  moments of family togetherness and experiences that will be remembered long after the wrapping paper is cleaned up and the sweaters exchanged. No matter what the hot gifts are this season, doing good while giving and sharing quality time with the ones you love will always be in style. 

And speaking of the holiday season, a recent article on reported that because of the recession more and more shoppers are looking for socially conscious gifts for the people on their lists. Saint Joseph’s University sociologist Keith Brown says that consumers feel good about giving gifts that not only benefit the person receiving the gift but also the seller. Brown calls this a “double gift.” At BiddingForGood we give bidders the chance to buy once and give twice and that’s something they should definitely feel good about.

Our final story is about the other season that’s upon us… the Hollywood award show season. This week drama swirled around Eddie Murphy deciding he wouldn’t host the Academy Awards, which is still months away. But this Sunday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' will host its third annual Governors Awards ceremony. One of the honorees is Oprah Winfrey who will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.  The Associated Press reports that Winfrey has given more than $500 million and countless hours of time to charities around the world.  While we all don’t have millions to donate, we think it’s important to remind people that every little bit counts. So, three cheers for Oprah who earned an Oscar not for acting but for something much more important, helping others.  




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